More than just design

As well as being a designer, I'm an avid traveller, football enthusiast & environmentalist.





Kansas City


Born in England, my travels have taken me to 5 continents and I've lived in France, Australia and the United States. I've also had extensive stays in New Zealand and South Africa.

I'm currently part of a proud team at Bulb Studios where I work with clients to create smart, engaging and measurable digital experiences. Before joining Bulb in 2014, I worked with Athlete Network in Kansas City where I helped grow their online network.

I've been fortunate enough to work with global clients such as Jaguar Land Rover, SAP, Charles Schwab, Stryker, KPMG and Enterprise to name a few.

Also a dabbling photographer, I take photos for fun and where my travels take me. I like to capture vivid landscapes and moments that elicit wonder.

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A creative person at heart, I try to get my hands dirty with all design disciplines but my focus has always been web & mobile design.


Essential for any company. Getting branding right is vital to conveying your message effectively.

UX design

The single most important aspect of any desktop or mobile app, here we create wireframes and prototypes.

UI design

Respecting the latest design trends I create clean and concise user interfaces to give the UX personality.

Digital design

Creating a variety of iconography and other digital graphics, I put a personal touch on your product.

Front-end dev

Responsive design is a must and using the latest standards I make sure your product works seamlessly on all devices.


The right shot vs. the wrong can be the difference between a design that delights the user and one that doesn't.

What people have said

It's always a plus to work with like-minded people who share the same vision as you. Sometimes they are so kind as to leave a testimonial.

Justen Wack

Athlete Network

“It's been my pleasure to work alongside Luke. He worked with our partners at Athlete Network, ranging from global corporations to regional companies. He always met and exceeded the expectations that were set for him”

Steve Turner

Go Coach It

“Luke's experience and expertise make him an ideal fit for our Head of Design role, I can trust him to create products that engage with our users and develop our company.”

Lee Garton

Bulb Studios

“Luke has been a good addition to our creative team here at Bulb, he has a good eye for design and his attention to detail means I can count on him to design products that meet our standards.”



My goal is to create bold and intuitive digital experiences that bring delight to the user — and by applying the user-centered design process I ensure user needs are never ignored.

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