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Nice to meet you 👍

I'm Luke A. Pontin — a venturing Product & Visual Designer based in Leicester. Born in England, my travels have taken me to 5 continents and I've lived in France, Australia and the United States. I've also had extensive stays in New Zealand and South Africa. These experiences and my appreciation for all things design shape much of who I am today.

As a designer I'm most intrigued by projects that promote sustainability, healthy lifestyles and wellbeing. I'm especially passionate about working with environmentally and socially responsible organisations.

I'm currently part of a proud team at Bulb Studios where we work with clients large and small to improve interactions. Before joining Bulb in 2014, I worked for Athlete Network in Kansas City where I helped grow their online network.

I have 6 years industry experience designing digital products for some of the largets brands in the world. Below are some of the clients I've been so fortunate to work with.

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